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This is Lucknow EscortsWhat does the escort mean? What does a man who calls an escort agency hope for? What is required of a girl who works in such an agency? Answering these questions, it will be possible to understand why this service is gaining such a wide distribution in Russia today. If we talk about the practice of Western and European countries, then the escort has long won the interest and respect of ordinary citizens. We have it all still at the domestic level, if you can say so. Very often, the service of an escort is taken for the usual prostitution. But is it really so? Are prostitutes and girls who work in escort agencies really just two synonyms?

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    Sex is always bought, bought and will be bought. In any case, while women do not transfer money, and young men will be beautiful, conceited and accommodating. Surprisingly, only one thing. It seems that the shadow of vice or sinfulness has completely evaporated from the situation of purchased sex. Believe the author of the word - and when in the fitness clubs the clients molest young beautiful instructors, and when women call themselves helpful boys from the escort or simply without any equivocation take the boy on call - sex is there, but there is no vice. Everyone keeps, as a rule, ice calm. Men on call for sure. A vice assumes at least some, but a perversion, a deviation or a drop of passion. But when a woman is willing to pay for sex with a young and beautiful, and he in turn is ready to provide himself - it's just a business relationship.

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    "Men who provide escort services live, to put it mildly, a busy life," says Sergei, who just returned from the yacht club in Zavidovo yesterday and is going after our conversation to a private party in a restaurant in the center of Moscow. "What did I do in Zavidovo? I greeted the guests and decorated the event. " And the truth is, he is the real decoration. Beautiful, with an ideal body, expensive, yet affordable. Its availability is paid well - about five hundred dollars per night is a quality escort. But we are talking here only about escort, and all sorts of cute stupid things are separately. A woman can order escort escort for any activities: club parties, presentations, negotiations. Very often, guys from an escort call when they want to spend a vacation at a resort in a pleasant company.

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    "Sex services are always negotiated separately," says Sergei. - But I can immediately disappoint you: usually an escort does not mean sex. So talking about the stormy sexual life of our guys in the beds of clients is very exaggerated. But also that they are completely groundless, I also can not say. " The average client of an escort agency is strong for 30, or rather, for 40, but it looks fine. As a rule, this is the general director of his own firm or the wife of a major official. But more often still a woman who does not have time for novels. She is constantly busy with serious business and wants from time to time a beautiful holiday. Although there are always exceptions. It happens that ordinary office workers order a friend for the birthday of a guy from an escort, a man on call. According to Yuri, the PR director of one of the large escort agencies, no awkwardness of women paying for their services, do not feel.

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